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Motorbikes for rent

Motorbikes for rent in Pattaya - PCX, Nouvo, Click, Fino...

Honda Click for Rent

Although there are plenty of bus-taxis and motorbike taxis, there is no better way to get around Pattaya than by driving yourself. Traffic can be slow and so motorbike is the best way, providing you much more freedom and time to enjoy much better things than the traffic jams!

We are able to provide you with a motorbike rental service with fully maintained bikes at reasonable rates. You can hire daily, weekly or monthly. We have a choice of geared or automatic motorbikes. Motorbike rental includes safety helmet.                   

Honda Click from B2,250 per month                                                                            Please contact us now to hire your motorbike. 

Yamaha Nouvo (old) from B2,490 per month  

Honda Airblade from B3,000 per month   

Yamaha Fino from B3,000 per month     

Yamaha Nouvo (new) from B3,490 per month     

Honda PCX from B4,900 per month

Please note that riders must be 21 or over and hold a valid passport & driving license.      Bike hire excludes fuel used.  


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